Jlenia Costner - Weddings und Events


Born and raised in the beautiful Corvara in Val Badia, I completed my studies in tourism and event management and have more than 10 years experience in successfully organizing events, concerts and, of course, numerous weddings.

Jlenia Costner - Weddings & Events

In 2016, my wedding bells rang. Of course, I organized the wedding myself – and although it was stressful and time consuming, it could not have been more beautiful! After getting married in a small chapel in Enneberg, we walked for one hour with all our guests to the Fodara-Vedla-Alm where we celebrated a wonderful reception. From this experience, I came to appreciate the complexities of event management. And just as I was able to enjoy this day to the fullest, it should also be yours with a wedding in South Tyrol. 

No matter if you prefer to celebrate traditionally or glamorously, with a small or large group, or whether you want to go on a hike with your wedding party - with Jlenia Costner Wedding & Events, you have the ideal partner for realising your dream wedding. The same applies, of course, to private parties, cultural events and company parties!

Life is full of big and small events; let's celebrate each one of them!